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New Year, New Projects

Happy 2020, friends! I’m so excited about everything 2020 has in store and can’t wait to share all of the exciting projects I’ve been working on with you all! First of, I’ve been busy planning my year, which is part of the reason why I've been so absent. But I am back. And one of… Continue reading New Year, New Projects

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Pitch Contests

For the first time EVER I'll be participating in a Twitter pitch contest. I'm both nervous and excited. For those who don't know, a Twitter pitch contest is basically an opportunity for unagented writers to potentially find a literary agent or an editor who will be interested in their finished (and polished) unpublished manuscript. The… Continue reading Pitch Contests

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How Fires End Book Review

Synopsis A dark secret born out of World War II lies at the heart of a Sicilian American family in this emotional and sweeping saga of guilt, revenge, and, ultimately, redemption. After soldiers vacate the Sicilian hillside town of Melilli in the summer of 1943, the locals celebrate, giving thanks to their patron saint, Sebastian.… Continue reading How Fires End Book Review

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What Feeds Your Creativity?

We all have different ways of feeding our creativity. These are the top three ways in which I allow myself to take in my surroundings and replenish my creativity. Reading Reading has always been a great way for me to fill my creative cup. I’ve been an avid reader since I was in second grade,… Continue reading What Feeds Your Creativity?

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The Lieutenant’s Nurse Book Review

Synopsis November, 1941. She's never even seen the ocean before, but Eva Cassidy has her reasons for making the crossing to Hawaii, and they run a lot deeper than escaping a harsh Michigan winter. Newly enlisted as an Army Corps nurse, Eva is stunned by the splendor she experiences aboard the steamship SS Lurline; even… Continue reading The Lieutenant’s Nurse Book Review


Dickinson and Indirect Truths

For this week’s poem, and in honor of #NaPoWriMo, I wanted to share Emily Dickinson’s “Tell all the Truth but tell it slant.” I like to believe I live a life for Truth and in Truth even though we live, unfortunately, in a world of Lies. I came across this poem a few days ago,… Continue reading Dickinson and Indirect Truths


Free Poetry Courses

Do you write poetry? Do you read it? Although I’m in no way a poet, I do appreciate poetry and try to read more of it, especially during National Poetry Month--April. I've even thought of taking a couple of poetry courses just for fun. Yes, I am one of those weird people who loves school.… Continue reading Free Poetry Courses

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Follow My WIP’s Journey!

  Hello friends! I was thinking of what to write on the blog today, and since I’ve been working so much on my manuscript, I thought I’d share with you all my journey as I continue to edit and write it.  But first, let me give you a little update on what exactly it is… Continue reading Follow My WIP’s Journey!