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Happy National Book Lovers Day!

Today is #nationalbookloversday and I felt the urge to write a blog in honor of such a beautiful celebration. There are uncountable reasons why we #bibliophiles love books so much. And here are five of mine: 1). Books are the best teachers. Through books, I’ve learned about subjects I would’ve never learned otherwise (mostly science… Continue reading Happy National Book Lovers Day!

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Book Review: Gods of Jade and Shadow

I finished reading Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia a couple of weeks ago and never wrote anything about it, so here are my thoughts on it. Synopsis ”The Mayan God of Death sends a young woman on a harrowing, life-changing journey in this dark fairy tale inspired by Mexican folklore, for readers… Continue reading Book Review: Gods of Jade and Shadow

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Resistance Women Book Review

This was the first novel by Chiaverini that I read, and I have to say I was extremely impressed by the research that went into creating this massive book. The historical accuracy blew me away, allowing me to learn more about an era I am immensely passionate about. It was wonderfully written, but it is… Continue reading Resistance Women Book Review

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The Song of the Jade Lily

I received an ARC of The Song of the Jade Lily in exchange for an honest review. This book is wonderful in every sense of the word. The writing is easy to follow, the characters are all well developed, and the storyline itself is heartbreakingly beautiful. Themes of loss, love, friendship, identity, loyalty, and most… Continue reading The Song of the Jade Lily

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The Lieutenant’s Nurse Book Review

Synopsis November, 1941. She's never even seen the ocean before, but Eva Cassidy has her reasons for making the crossing to Hawaii, and they run a lot deeper than escaping a harsh Michigan winter. Newly enlisted as an Army Corps nurse, Eva is stunned by the splendor she experiences aboard the steamship SS Lurline; even… Continue reading The Lieutenant’s Nurse Book Review

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Follow My WIP’s Journey!

  Hello friends! I was thinking of what to write on the blog today, and since I’ve been working so much on my manuscript, I thought I’d share with you all my journey as I continue to edit and write it.  But first, let me give you a little update on what exactly it is… Continue reading Follow My WIP’s Journey!

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The Curiosities

The Curiosities by Susan Gloss is one of those books that creeps into your daily life, making you wonder what the characters are up to while you're not reading. I was completely invested in Nell and in the way she coped with the loss of her baby girl. I'm a huge art lover and fellow… Continue reading The Curiosities

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What to Eat When

  I have to be honest with you guys. I’ve never really paid much attention to what I eat and even less when I eat. I usually eat what I want and eat whenever I’m hungry. But something shifted last year when I had a health scare. I realized that the things I consume and how I… Continue reading What to Eat When

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The Eulogist

The Eulogist is about an Irish family that migrates to the US in 1818, settling in Ohio a “free” slave state. The narrative follows the family’s children--Olivia, James, and Erasmus, the different paths they choose, and what ultimately seems to be the plot of the book, helping slaves to freedom. I have to say that… Continue reading The Eulogist

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The Great Alone

The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah --- Ever since I read The Nightingale at the beginning of the year, I wanted to read more books by Kristin Hannah. My husband is the sweetest and got me a copy for my birthday, so I knew instantly that I needed to read it asap! I started it… Continue reading The Great Alone