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Writing in the Time of COVID-19

The last writing update I gave you all was back in February. Well, a lot of things have happened since then, so here’s my overdue update:

  1. I did my first round of interviews with my grandmother, which was such an amazing experience overall. I now have over five hours of audio with details and anecdotes about her life during WWII up until she was in her early twenties and living in Colombia. 
  2. What I initially thought would be a biography or a creative non-fiction novel is becoming something else entirely. I’m still unsure of what it will turn out to be since there are many details and situations in her life that remain uncertain, even to her. This is good for me since it allows me to have more creative freedom for the story, but it also means it won’t be 100% non-fiction. I’m trying not to stress too much about this, so I’ll cross that bridge when I absolutely have to. 
  3. There are still so many years of her life to cover, but due to COVID-19 I haven’t been able to interview her in person again, which is what I’d planned for the rest of the interviews. I feel it’s less intimidating for her, and I also get to fully immerse myself in the past by looking at her. Since I’m unaware of when I’ll be seeing her, I might FaceTime her and see if I can record the conversation on my iPad. 
  4. With the information that I currently have, I’ve been filling in my historical timeline and making sure my facts are accurate. This has been extremely time-consuming.
  5. Something positive is that I’ve actually started writing the story. There isn’t a lot written, but at least I’ve started (although I haven’t written in a few weeks). However, I can’t seem to find a satisfying beginning, which has slowed me down tremendously. I think I just need to continue writing and the beginning will appear eventually… Hopefully…
  6. I already know how the book ends so that’s a plus!
  7. In terms of non-WIP writing projects, I’ve created some material for my business (mostly writing handouts and tips for students), which I plan to share here with you guys as well if you’re interested.  So keep an eye for those FREE handouts in the forthcoming weeks.  

And that’s basically it for me. I hope you’re all safe! And don’t forget to keep writing!

10 thoughts on “Writing in the Time of COVID-19

  1. For me, it’s come in waves. I was very motivated, then wasn’t, and now I’m starting to find my stride again. It sounds like you’ve been very productive, which is fantastic! I made a recording of my grandparents a long time ago (on a cassette tape!), but somewhere along the way it’s gotten misplaced, which is a real loss. It was such a treasure that I wish I could have made into a digital copy. It’s so nice to hear other people finding ways to keep those memories.

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