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Writing in the Time of COVID-19

How many of you have been writing more during this quarantine? To be honest, I haven’t been writing as much as I’ve wanted to. I did at the beginning, but a few weeks ago I sort of lost the motivation to write. Also, due to an increase in online learning, I’ve been pretty busy with work. Plus we rescued a kitten and caring for her has been anything but restful (but her cute face makes up for my lack of sleep). Click here to read about how we rescued her (and for an adorable picture of her)!

10 thoughts on “Writing in the Time of COVID-19

  1. For me, it’s come in waves. I was very motivated, then wasn’t, and now I’m starting to find my stride again. It sounds like you’ve been very productive, which is fantastic! I made a recording of my grandparents a long time ago (on a cassette tape!), but somewhere along the way it’s gotten misplaced, which is a real loss. It was such a treasure that I wish I could have made into a digital copy. It’s so nice to hear other people finding ways to keep those memories.

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