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2020 Writing Update

Hello, my friends! I know it’s been a while, but if I’m being honest, blogging about my writing journey has been challenging these past few months.

Those of you who’ve been following along for the past year know that I’ve been in the query trenches since December. Unfortunately, every single response has been a rejection. The first few rejections I took surprisingly well. After all, I knew that was part of the whole querying process. However, after nine rejections it began to get extremely hard to continue sending queries. So, I’ve been giving myself, and my manuscript, some time off from querying. But rest assured, I’m not giving up! I’ll probably start querying again in a few weeks. I just need a break from feeling defeated.

I do want to say that all the responses I’ve received from agents have been wonderful (even if they were rejections). Not one has said anything negative about my manuscript/writing. Instead, they have stated that the story sounds interesting and unique but it’s not what they’re on the hunt for at the moment. Most agents have even wished me luck on my writing journey, so their words have been encouraging in the midst of a discouraging process. 

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In the meanwhile, I’m starting a new WIP! I’m so excited about it. This is a story that has been in my heart for over twenty years. Since I was a little girl, my nonna has been sharing with me anecdotes about her life in Italy, during WWII. For years I’d wanted to write about her life, but I always felt too inadequate to do so. She’s lived a life filled with unimaginable sufferings, but her resilience has kept her strong and beautiful, even at 84 years old. I hope I can do justice to her life and her legacy by writing her story. Even though it scares me a great deal to write her truth, I’m that much more honored I get to do so. 

As of now, I’m in the research stage, reading books on WWII and watching documentaries. What I’m most excited about is that I’ll be interviewing her in the next couple of weeks. I’m still trying to figure out what genre this manuscript will fall under since it’ll be inspired by her life, but I’m still fictionalizing some aspects of it. And since she’s not a historical figure this kind of leaves me in the biography genre (which I don’t want to do). As you can tell, I’m dreading this step. I hate having to box this complex story into a genre, so if you have any tips, I’ll gladly hear them out. 

What about you? What have you all been up to? Are you querying? Writing? Share below! And as always, thank you for your support through this crazy journey to publishing!

7 thoughts on “2020 Writing Update

  1. It’s hard to be rejected but I admire you for getting your writing out there! I’ve gotten away from writing so this week I made time to write again. I’ve been putting off revising the first draft of my novel. This week, I’ve finally made the first steps to start that process! I’m not going to let my writing go again. I admire your courage and tenacity!

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  2. Hang on to that manuscript! I read just the other day of a writer who couldn’t get anyone to accept her story. She finally set it on a shelf and worked on other projects. Some years later, she was approached by one of the publishers who had originally rejected her book. The winds of publishing had changed, and now there was a market for her manuscript. It’s due out this year.
    Trends in publishing change all the time. What wouldn’t succeed in today’s market may do very well in a year or so. So put in on the back burner, but don’t take it off the stove. God may do something with it when He’s ready. And His timing is perfect.
    You’re material is good, and you’re obviously a great writer as those editors/publishers recognized. Stay the course. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! I definitely won’t give up on it. But like you said, this might not be the right time for it. I know God allowed me and guided me as I wrote it, so I’ll keep trusting in His timing. Thank you again!

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