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Book Review: The Hollows

I’ve been into historical mysteries as of late, and I’m excited to say I thoroughly enjoyed The Hollows. By now you’ll know I’m all about the historical aspects of books, especially when they tackle hidden or little known histories, and Jess Montgomery doesn’t disappoint in her research. She delves into the lives of the WKKK (Women of the Ku Klux Klan) and explores their secret agendas and the role they played in American society in the 1920s. She presents evidence on how their influence, prejudice, and hatred were spread within the society, impacting the culture around them for generations to come.

 Some of the themes explored in the book are interracial relationships, domestic violence, feminism, immigrant prejudice, and mental health. I found the lives of Hildy and Lily fascinating and well rounded. Although I wanted to know more about their past and experience a deeper connection with them, I feel their overall character arcs were well written. 

The prose itself was easy to follow and beautifully written. And lastly, there were certain twists I didn’t see coming at the end, which I always appreciate in books! 

I definitely recommend The Hollows, especially to readers of Women’s Fiction, historical fiction, and mysteries.

**Book clubs should add this novel to their list since there are so many themes to be discussed**

Trigger warnings: mental health, domestic violence, murder, and torture. 

Purchase your copy here.

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