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Writing Motivation

It’s day five of #NaNoWriMo ! I’m guessing some of you are already feeling the pressure to keep your word count growing. Although I am participating in Nanowrimo this year, I’m taking it easy this time around and not aiming for 50K. I am, however, writing every day of November and keeping a word count.  So far, I’ve written 3503 words. It might not be much for nanowrimo standards, but hey, at least it’s something!

In order to help you (and me) keep the writing momentum going, I’ve compiled ten of my favorite quotes about writing. Hopefully, we can find solace among these wise words. I’d love to know which of these was your favorite or which one you related to the most?


  1. “The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.” ― Terry Pratchett
  1. “You don’t start out writing good stuff. You start out writing crap and thinking it’s good stuff, and then gradually you get better at it. That’s why I say one of the most valuable traits is persistence.” ― Octavia E. Butler
  1. “…we write every day, we fight every day, we think and scheme and dream a little dream every day. manuscripts pile up in the kitchen sink, run-on sentences dangle around our necks. we plant purple prose in our gardens and snip the adverbs only to thread them in our hair. we write with no guarantees, no certainties, no promises of what might come and we do it anyway. this is who we are.” ― Tahereh Mafi
  1. “Anyone who says writing is easy isn’t doing it right.” ― Amy Joy
  1. “I always worked until I had something done and I always stopped when I knew what was going to happen next. That way I could be sure of going on the next day.” ― Ernest Hemingway
  1. “… The Book is more important than your plans for it. You have to go with what works for The Book ~ if your ideas appear hollow or forced when they are put on paper, chop them, erase them, pulverize them and start again. Don’t whine when things are not going your way, because they are going the right way for The Book, which is more important. The show must go on, and so must The Book.”― E.A. Bucchianeri
  1. “Writing books hurts like no other kind of writing.”― Paul J. Silvia
  1. “Why is it that we understand that playing the cello will require work but we relegate writing to the magic of inspiration?”― Ann Patchett

9. “Try to get into a story. Forget self and give blood to creation.”― Sylvia Plath

10. “Keep writing. It’s all terrible in the beginning.”― A.K. Kuykendall

3 thoughts on “Writing Motivation

  1. 1 and 8 really hit home for me. 1 (Terry Pratchett’s quote) has been especially true for my current NaNo project. I had a halfway decent outline but without a lot of detail and really struggled for the first week or so. I didn’t quite know my characters (even though I’d done character sketches), and I didn’t quite know the story (even though I had a plot outline). I fumbled around, but in the fumbling, parts of the story began to take shape, and I realized I really was telling myself the story. It’s been fun to see how the story is evolving, the interesting twists and turns. I’ll need to do a ton of revising, but I think in the end it’ll be OK.


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