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Resistance Women Book Review

This was the first novel by Chiaverini that I read, and I have to say I was extremely impressed by the research that went into creating this massive book. The historical accuracy blew me away, allowing me to learn more about an era I am immensely passionate about. It was wonderfully written, but it is… Continue reading Resistance Women Book Review

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A Little Motivation

I needed a little bit lot of motivation to get me through my writing session this morning, so I looked up some quotes to get me going. Here are the ones that spoke to me the most, and I hope they can help you as well in case you’re feeling stuck like I was. "A… Continue reading A Little Motivation

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Writing in Progress

This past week hasn’t been the greatest for writing. I wasn’t feeling well physically and we had a scare with our cat. So I sort of neglected my blog last week! However, I was still able to get about 50 pages of edits of my WIP. Although I’m behind on my schedule (not surprising), I’m… Continue reading Writing in Progress

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The Song of the Jade Lily

I received an ARC of The Song of the Jade Lily in exchange for an honest review. This book is wonderful in every sense of the word. The writing is easy to follow, the characters are all well developed, and the storyline itself is heartbreakingly beautiful. Themes of loss, love, friendship, identity, loyalty, and most… Continue reading The Song of the Jade Lily

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Mothers Are Everything

In honor of Sunday's Mother’s Day celebration, I compiled a list of a few of my favorite quotes about mothers. Initially, I was planning to write something to honor the mothers in my life, but I couldn’t get past the first couple of lines before I started sobbing. Maybe I’m not emotionally ready to honor… Continue reading Mothers Are Everything

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What Feeds Your Creativity?

We all have different ways of feeding our creativity. These are the top three ways in which I allow myself to take in my surroundings and replenish my creativity. Reading Reading has always been a great way for me to fill my creative cup. I’ve been an avid reader since I was in second grade,… Continue reading What Feeds Your Creativity?

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Keep Moving Forward

It’s Monday, which means it’s WIP update! For the past week, instead of editing my manuscript directly on the computer, I set aside time to go through and examine some plot points that I remembered were going to happen at the end of the WIP. I wrote them down on my research notebook and was… Continue reading Keep Moving Forward

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Overcoming Writer’s Block

When I began taking writing more seriously, self-doubt became part of my daily walk. Some days I let it in and other days I shut my mind’s door in its face. On the days I let it in, it usually brings writer’s block along and they make a feast inside my mind, robbing me from… Continue reading Overcoming Writer’s Block

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Why I’m Not Pursuing a Ph.D

I graduated with my MA three years ago, and people still ask me when I'll be applying to Ph.D programs. My answer is always the same, "I'm not." After graduating with my BA in history, I was sure I wanted to pursue a higher education degree and I did. However, once I graduated with my… Continue reading Why I’m Not Pursuing a Ph.D